Miller Cup Past Winners

The past winners of the Miller Cup are:

Season Skip Third Second Lead
2017-18 Andy Rankin Willie Ross David Armstrong Duncan Taggart
2016-17 Andy Rankin Ian Mulholland Duncan Taggart Douglas Third
2015-16 Andy Rankin Alistair MacPherson Tony Atkins Douglas Third
2014-15 Bill Marshall Andy Rankin Ian Mulholland Duncan Taggart
2013-14 Bill Marshall David Shanks John Evans Duncan Taggart
2012-13 Bill Coutts Jim T. Hutton Bill Deans Ian Mulholland
2011-12 Tom Woods Jim T. Hutton Alan Gault Alex McKenzie
2010-11 Bill Coutts Jim T. Hutton Alex McKenzie Ian Mulholland
2009-10 Tony Atkins Alistair MacPherson Ian Mulholland John Evans
2008-09 Tom Woods Alistair MacPherson Duncan Taggart Robin Watt
2007-08 Tom Woods Tony Atkins Alex McKenzie Duncan Taggart
2006-07 Bill Marshall Jim T. Hutton Alex McKenzie R. McGechie
2005-06 Bill Coutts Alistair MacPherson Tony Atkins Alex McKenzie
2004-05 Bill Marshall Jim T. Hutton E. McLatchie Robin Watt
2003-04 Tom Woods Jim T. Hutton Alex McKenzie Robin Watt
2002-03 Tom Woods Bob Smith Robin Watt Duncan Taggart
2001-02 Bill Marshall Alistair MacPherson Bob Smith Duncan Taggart
2000-01 Bill Marshall Alistair MacPherson Robin Watt Duncan Taggart
1999-00 Bill Coutts Thomas Phillips Stewart Walker Alistair MacLachlan
1998-99 Jim Hutton Tom Woods Jim T. Hutton Jim Cardle
1997-98 Jim Hutton Tom Woods Alistair MacPherson Stewart Walker
1996-97 Bill Marshall Jim T. Hutton Corona Marshall Jim Cardle
1995-96 Bill Coutts Jim T. Hutton C. Broadwood Robin Watt
1994-95 Jim Hutton Jim T. Hutton Stewart Walker Reserve
1993-94 Bill Coutts James Craig Alistair MacPherson Andrew Butler
1992-93 Brian Neeson Bill Coutts Tony Atkins James Orr (Jnr)
1991-92 Bill Marshall Cameron McKee Graeme Wintersgill James Orr (Jnr)
1990-91 Jim Hutton William McAulay Jim Ritchie (Snr) Reserve
1989-90 Bill Coutts Alan Gault Cameron McKee Reserve
1988-89 Bill Marshall Jack McAulay James Craig Jack Thackery
1987-88 George Munro Bill Marshall Brian Neeson G. Robertson
1986-87 Alan D. Stephen I. McKenzie Willie Wilkie Snr. J. Murray
1985-86 Bill Coutts Bill Marshall Willie Wilkie Snr. Jack Thackery
1984-85 C. Watson William Caldwell Jim Hutton Bill Marshall
1983-84 John Bennie Ian Rae A. McKenzie Cameron McKee
1982-83 Bill Coutts Ian Rae S. Van Der Walt Bill Marshall
1981-82 G. Rennie J. Maltman David Allan Cameron McKee
1980-81 John Bennie Alan D. Stephen N. Caldwell Cameron McKee
1979-80 J. McPhail Bill Coutts J. Hulme Jim Clark
1978-79 John Bennie G. Rennie W. Crawford Jim Hutton
1977-78 J. Filshie Campbell Bennie R. Ferguson Noel Glen
1976-77 John Bennie W. Crawford T. Allan G. Spears
1975-76 Ronald Dick W. Mitchell George Munro G. Spears
1974-75 A. Thomson William Mustarde W. Hodge William Brown
1973-74 John Bennie J. Davidson H. Robertson W. Turnbull
1972-73 William L. Wood J. Davidson G. Rennie William Caldwell
1971-72 William L. Wood K. McKenzie W. Crawford R. Speedie
1970-71 Not Contested Not Contested Not Contested Not Contested
1969-70 Not Contested Not Contested Not Contested Not Contested
1968-69 J. Davidson H. Robertson J. Hulme R. Speedie
1967-68 C. Campbell H. Robertson John Bennie A. McIndewar
1966-67 A. C. Barrie A. Thomson J. Scobie H. Robertson
1965-66 J. E. Thomson A. MacLeod John Bennie H. Robertson
1964-65 J. E. Thomson A. MacLeod A. Thomson H. Robertson
1963-64 William L. Wood A. MacLeod D. Webster J. Logan
1962-63 J. Davidson R. Mustarde J. McKenzie G. Spears
1961-62 T. Robertson C. Campbell A. MacLeod C. Williamson
1960-61 William Mustarde David McIntosh P. Wharrier S. Kennedy
1959-60 William Mustarde R. J. Gunn J. Logan C. Campbell
2018-19 Andy Rankin Willie Ross Andy Cooper Clive Black